Marlaina Wills, photographer in Altoona, PA.


Glory to God in the highest

I would love to take credit for this but, I can not…for it is written “GOD created the heavens and earth” Praise be to him! 


Missy and Steph

Missy is in-town until Thursday! YAY!

Maddie class of 2011

Wow, I can’t express how I feel about this girl. But, I will try. Maddie has had a really rough time these past few years yet she is overflowing with more joy than anyone else I know. With a very good excuse to be in a crappy mood all the time, this girl gets up every morning with a smile on her face and a heart to please others. I pray she gets well soon and am thankful to have been able to hang out with her today and get some beautiful pictures!

Casey & Darby

I had the pleasure of shooting my best friends engagement session. This is Casey and her soon to be hubby Darby! 🙂